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Congratulations on receiving a grant. Now your event planning really gets underway.

We ask that you acknowledge our support publicly to let the community know where our funding is going and encourage others planning a community event to apply to the TWBCEF.

There are several ways you can acknowledge our funding:

Include our logo

You can acknowledge our funding by making our logo visible and acknowledging us in any promotional materials and at events. Download our logo HERE.

Mention our support

Whether you're publishing a media release, posting on social media, recording radio advertising, speaking at the event, or putting an ad in the paper, feel free to mention us. If you're after a quote, get in touch.

Use our branded gear

We have branded gear that can be displayed at your event. These items are free to loan and can be booked using the booking request form below.

Share your photos

We love to see photos or footage from the events we help fund. Please send any (high resolution) photos or videos you have by email to so we can share them with the team, on social media and on our website.

You can also list your event on the My Tauranga calendar, or on Western Bay's event calendar.

Branded gear request:

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