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Events that deliver a safe environment for participants and spectators.

We are committed to promoting good health and safety practices at events to ensure that everyone has a positive experience and returns home safely to their whānau.

Environmental kaitiakitanga

Events that demonstrate the importance of protecting and enhancing our natural environment.

It is imperative that event organisers consider the impact events have on our natural systems and surroundings, and manage environmental risks accordingly.


Events that encourage social inclusiveness and accessibility for our diverse communities.

We support event organisers that take positive steps towards making their event accessible and socially inclusive for our diverse community.


Arts & Culture

We are committed to celebrating our diverse cultural identities and fostering the creative arts to enhance the wellbeing of our community. We support events that provide access to, and participation in, arts and culture.

Healthy & Accessible Communities

We welcome events to our city that inspire social connectivity, build community pride, reduce participation barriers for all and promote mental wellness and healthy living.

Communities of Need

As our region grows and changes, we want to ensure that no one in our community is left behind. We support events that activate areas of high deprivation and engage with our communities of need.

Priority Places & Spaces

We aim to create a balance of activity across all of Tauranga and Western Bay’s beautiful parks, reserves, open spaces and venues, to encourage residents and visitors to discover new places and minimise the risk of fatigue of our more popular spaces.

Kaupapa Māori

We recognise the importance of nurturing Māoritanga principles and welcome events that interweave Māori traditions, values and language into events, or bring awareness to events of historical significance for tangata whenua.

Sport & Active Leisure

Our region has a natural environment that welcomes sporting and active leisure events. We are interested in supporting events that provide great sporting and active leisure experiences for our residents and visitors.

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